CV relating to dispute resolution

Brian Barr Consulting Services Ltd.

Global Regions

UK, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Africa, Caribbean,

Central America and the Far East.

Country of Residence

United Kingdom



Educational qualifications

CEI Part II (BEng (Hons)) Civil Engineering, Sheffield UK

HN Diploma in Civil Engineering, Wigan UK

Professional Qualifications

Chartered Engineer (C Eng);

FIDIC President's List of Approved Dispute Adjudicators;

Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers (FICE) 1997;

Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (FCIHT) 1984;

Fellow of the Dispute Board Federation (FDBF) Geneva;

Member of the Society for Construction Law (UK);

Panel Member of Instructors, Dispute Board Federation (Geneva).

Current Employment Status

Independent Consultant at Brian Barr Consulting Services Ltd.

Particular technical expertise

Building and Civil Engineering, Infrastructure, Railways, Bridges, Marine Civil Engineering,  Works, Rock Anchors & grouting, Waste Treatment and Pumping Plant.



Present Positions

Member of several adjudication boards.

Positions  Held

•Independent consultant specialising in dispute resolution, expert witness and trainer (contract management), (2010 – present);

•Dispute Advisor,  Scott Wilson, Tanzania, 2010;

•Technical Auditor; Roughton International, Belize/Jamaica, 2009 ;

•Engineer/Team Leader; Roughton International, Albania; 2009;

•Dispute Review Expert; Roughton, Nepal, 2008;

•Team Leader/ Engineer;  Roughton, Romania, 2007/8 ;

•Engineer/Team Leader; Grontmij CarlBro; Ethiopia, 2007;

•Engineer/Technical Assistance; Eritrea, EC, 2004/6;

•Engineer/Team Leader; Roughton, Grenada, 2003/4;

•Engineer/Team Leader;Roughton, Montenegro, 2003;

•Engineer/Team Leader;Roughton, Sri Lanka, 2002/3;

•Engineer/Team Leader; Roughton, Nigeria, 2002;

•Engineer/Technical Assistance; EC, Ethiopia, 1998/2001;

•Engineer/Team Leader; Roughton, Ethiopia, 1994/8;

•Engineer/Team Leader;Renardet SA, Philippines, 1992/4;

•Engineer; Brown and Root, Scotland, 1991/2;

•Engineer; Independent UK, 1989/91;

•Engineer/Technical Assistance; Department of Works, Papua New Guinea, 1986/9;

•Engineer; Various Local Authorities, England and Scotland, 1966/86.



Dispute Resolution Experience

As an Adjudicator (more than 30 boards total)

  •  Sole DB member (MDB) on road rehabilitation project in Georgia;

  •  Sole DB member (MDB) on road rehabilitation project in Uganda;

  •  Sole member DAB on several road and tunnel projects (FIDIC Red) in Bosnia;

  •  Member sole DAB (FIDIC Yellow) for a large bridge design and construct  project in Serbia;

  •  Member of 3 person DAB (FIDIC Red) on urban drainage project in Mozambique;

  •  Sole member DABs (FIDIC Red and Yellow) on several road construction projects  in Romania;

  •  Several sole DAB member for construction works (NEC3) in UK;

  •  Member of 3 person DAB (FIDIC Silver) on property development project in Albania;

  •  Several Sole DB member (MDB) on road construction projects in Ethiopia;

  •  Several Dispute Review Expert positions (FIDIC 4) rehabilitation road and bridges Ethiopia;

  •  Sole DAB member (FIDIC Yellow) on marine port facilities  in Djibouti.

As an Advisor/Expert Witness

  •  Expert witness for road construction projects in Romania;

  •  Contractor’s advisor on FIDIC 4 claims, adjudication and arbitration relating to airports construction contract in Qatar;

  •  Dispute Advisor to TANROADS in Tanzania (new urban road project value $20m);

  •  Employer’s advisor for dispute procedures in Nepal (14 road and bridge construction projects);

  •  Employers Representative preparing referrals to DABs in Romania (10 Contracts including water, ancient building renovation, roads works,  and ski lifts total value approximated $120 m);

As a Trainer

  •  Panel Member of Instructors, Dispute Board Federation (worldwide).

  •  Principle Trainer for Arcus Academy Ltd. (worldwide).


Albania, Belize, Bosnia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Grenada, Jamaica, Kyrgyzstan, Malawi, Montenegro, Mozambique, Nepal,  Nigeria, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Qatar, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda and United Kingdom.

Other Panel Listings

FIDIC President’s list of Dispute Adjudicators

Dispute Board Federation Panel of Dispute Adjudicators.


  •  Co-author of "FIDIC Red, Yellow and Silver Books - A Practical Guide to the 2017 Editions" - Sweet and Maxwell July 2018;

•  Co-author of “FIDIC Users’ Guide” – ICE Publishing 2013;

  •  Co-author of “FIDIC Quick Reference Guides” (4 No. Red, Yellow, Pink and Silver) – ICE Publishing 2014;

  •  Co-author of an App (for mobile devices) “ARCUS Guide to FIDIC Red Book”;

  •  “International Adjudication - The Highland Dimension” UK 2012.

  •  “Dispute Review in Ethiopia from an Infrastructure Development Perspective” Turkey 2009.

  •  “Road Network Maintenance Management” Eritrea 2006;

  •  “Procurement Procedures and Standard Bidding Documents for Works Contracts” Eritrea 2004.

  •  “Quality Management in Road Construction” Ethiopia 2000.

  •  “Low Cost Road Construction in Ethiopia” Ethiopia and UK.

  •  “Procurement of Works Contracts for ADB funded projects” Philippines 1992.

  •  “Piped Highway Drainage” UK 1985.

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