Detailed CV

Brian Barr Consulting Services Ltd.


FIDIC Red, Yellow and Silver Books A Practical Guide to the 2017 Editions, Leo Grutters and Brian Barr published in July 2018 by Sweet and Maxwell

FIDIC Hand Books for Red, Pink, Yellow and Silver (4 No. books )Co-author (with Leo Grutters) published in October 2014; ICE Publishing

 FIDIC Users Guide– third Edition Co-author (with Leo Grutters) published in October 2013; ICE Publishing

ARCUS Guide to FIDIC Red An Application for mobile devices available on the online Apple  and Android APP stores (Youtube Presentation here).

Mock DAB Session A presentation to the FIDIC International Users’ Conference 2012 in December 2012.

“International Adjudication - The Highland Dimension” A paper presented to the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation UK in February 2015.

Dispute Review in Ethiopia from an Infrastructure Development Perspective”  A paper presented to the Winter Symposium of the Dispute Board Federation, Turkey, November 2009

Road Network Maintenance Management” A paper presented to the Association of Eritrean Contractors and Consulting Engineers, Asmara, July 2006

Procurement Procedures and Standard Bidding Documents Contracts” Presentation to the Government of the State of Eritrea and the European Commission in Eritrea, November 2004.

Quality Management in Road Construction” A paper presented to the Ethiopian Association of Quality Assurance in 2000.

Low Cost Road Construction in Ethiopia” A paper presented to the Institution of Civil Engineers UK in 1998 and to the Ethiopian Association of Civil Engineers in 1999.

Procurement of Works for ADB funded projects” A paper presented to the Association of Engineers, Manila, Philippines in 1992.

Piped Highway Drainage” A paper presented to the Institution of Highways and Transportation UK in 1985.

Professional History

Jul 18 – Ongoing; Independent; Ethiopia, several road construction/upgrading projects

I am appointed as a Dispute Review Expert on several road construction/upgrading projects in Ethiopia (FIDIC Red Book).

Jan 17 – Dec 17; Independent; Bosnia,  Road Project (3-Person DAB)

I was appointed as a standing 3-Person Dispute Board Member on Sarajevo Bypass Road Project (FIDIC Red Book).

Apr 15 – Jan 17; Independent; Georgia (Dispute Board Member)

I was appointed as a standing Sole Dispute Board Member on a road rehabilitation project (FIDIC MDB Harmonised Pink Book)

May 14 – Jan 17; Independent; Bosnia (Dispute Board Member)

I was appointed as a standing Sole Dispute Board Member on 4 No. road and tunnel construction projects (FIDIC Red Book).

May 14 – On-going; Independent; Uganda (Dispute Board Member)

I am appointed as a standing Sole Dispute Board Member on a road rehabilitation project (FIDIC MDB Harmonised Pink Book).

Feb 14 Independent; South Africa (FIDIC Trainer)

Training provided to members of the SAICE on the practical use of FIDIC forms of contract.

Feb 14 – Jan 18; UK (Dispute Board Member)

I am appointed as ‘Named Adjudicator’ (NEC3) on a flood defence construction project in Scotland.

Jan 14 – Sep 14 Independent; Serbia (Dispute Board Member)

I was appointed as single Dispute Board Member on a bridge construction project over the River Danube with an approximate value of EUR 43 million (FIDIC Yellow Book).

Nov 13 Independent; Romania (Expert Witness)

Provided testimony on planning and quantum to an arbitral tribunal relating to a termination of a road construction project in central Romania (FIDIC Yellow Book).

Jun 13 – Nov 14 Independent; Albania  (Dispute Board Member)

I was appointed as Dispute Board Member (3 person Dispute Adjudicator Board) on a business park construction project with an approximate value of EUR 18 million (FIDIC Silver Book).

Apr 13 Arcus Academy; (Principal Trainer)

Provided a four day training workshop on the MDB Harmonised Conditions of Contract for the Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Transport and Communications on behalf of the ADB.

Feb 12 – Dec 13, Independent; Mozambique  (Dispute Board Member)

I was appointed as Dispute Board Member (3 person Dispute Adjudicator Board) on an international drainage construction project (FIDIC MDB Edition) in the north of Mozambique.

Nov 11 – On-going, Independent; Ethiopia (Single Dispute Board Member)

I am appointed Single Dispute Board Member (Adjudicator) on an international road construction project (FIDIC MDB Edition) in the north west of Ethiopia.

Jul 11 – Dec 13, Independent; Ethiopia (Single Dispute Board Member)

I was appointed Single Dispute Board Member (Adjudicator) on an international road construction project (FIDIC MDB Edition) in the south of Ethiopia.

Jun - July 11, Scott Wilson; Malawi (Specialist Contributor)

Provided intensive training on FIDIC Red and Yellow Books to senior representatives of the Malawi Construction Industry (Employers, Contractors and Engineers) under an EC funded capacity building project.

May 08 – On-going, Independent; Ethiopia (Dispute Review Expert)

I am appointed as a Dispute Review Expert on a road rehabilitation contracts (FIDIC 4th Edition) in Ethiopia.

Jul 10 – Feb 11, Independent; Djibouti (Sole Adjudicator)

Sole Adjudicator appointed by FIDIC on a contract for a New Marine Terminal in the Ghoubbet Gulf, Lake Assal for the export of Salt. The Contract was based on the 1999 FIDIC Yellow Book.

Jan 10 –Jun 10, Dispute Advisor; Tanzania (Technical Auditor)

I was appointed as the Dispute Advisor as part of the Technical Audit team to the EC funded Mandela Road Rehabilitation Project in Tanzania. A Dispute arose between the Contractor (Maltauro Italy) and the Employer (TanRoads) with relation to this Works Contract. I provided advice and recommendations on possible arbitral awards to enable the EC to devise a strategy to resolve the issues. The value of the Works is approximately € 30 million.

Oct 09 – Dec 09, Team Leader; Belize/Jamaica (Technical Auditor)

I was appointed as the Technical Auditor to the EC funded “Accompanying Measures for Sugar programme (AMS) in Belize. This verification audit concerned a review of the executed Works as part of the upgrading of the 'Sugar Belt' road network. The Works are located in the Orange Walk District and Corozal Districts of Belize and have a value of approximately € 1.8 million.

Feb 09 – Oct 09, Roughton International; Albania (Team Leader)

Team Leader on the “Technical Assistance in Preparation of Secondary and Local Roads” throughout Albania funded by the World Bank. The project consists of the collection of data, the establishment of a Road Management System, the preparation of a draft strategy, and the detailed engineering design and tender documentation of a number of selected roads.

May 08 – Feb 09, Roughton International; Nepal (Engineer's Representative)

The Road Network Development Project (US$80m) was funded by the Asian Development Bank and consisted of 42 national and international contracts (FIDIC 4th Edition Red Book /FIDIC MDB Edition/ World Bank Small Works).

June 07 – May 08, Roughton International; Romania (Team Leader/ Engineer)

Construction Supervision of Works Contracts (FIDIC Red and Yellow Edition 1999) funded under EC PHARE 02 Large Regional Infrastructure Projects Component, 2007 – present, Romania

The EC PHARE 2002 funded programme consists of ten works contracts including road rehabilitations, industrial estates, chairlifts, monastery rehabilitation, waste water treatment plants, and water boreholes. Due to poor works performance, The Employer (Ministry for EU Integration) elected to change the Engineer late in the implementation programme.

Jan 07 – May 07, Grontmij CarlBro; Ethiopia (Team Leader)

The Ethiopian Rural Travel and Transport Programme provides planning solutions to village level transport problems. This project investigated eight remote rural areas and provided detailed Development Plans through an integrated participatory approach. The team consisted of a large multi-disciplined team of local and international rural development experts.

Apr 04 – Dec 06, KAMPSAX/ EC Individual Expert; Eritrea (Technical Assistant)

Providing advice to the Eritrean Government with respect to capacity building and institutional reform/transformation of the Ministry of Public Works as a Regulatory Body, the establishment of a Road Authority (RA), the establishment of a Road Maintenance Fund Authority (RMFA) and the commercialisation and restructuring of Government owned Construction Companies.  I introduced procedures for the early avoidance of disputes for future infrastructure projects.

Dec 03 – April 04, Roughton International; Grenada (Team Leader)

I undertook a technical audit of a coastal defence and road rehabilitation contract (based on FIDIC 1999 Red Book). The purpose of the audit was to determine whether correct World Bank procurement procedures had been followed and to ensure that the works were completed in accordance with the design.

June 03 – Nov 03Roughton International; Montenegro (Team Leader)

Engineer's Representative for the supervision of a German Government (KfW) funded project consisting of 5 No. road, bridge, rock slope stability and tunnel rehabilitation projects in northern Montenegro. These FIDIC (Red Book 4th Edition) contracts having a total cost of $7 million were awarded to international and local Contractors. A major activity was to provide advice to the Employer regarding the termination of a works contract due to poor performance.

Jan 02 – June 03, Roughton International; Sri Lanka (Team Leader)

Engineers Representative for the procurement and supervision of 16 No. road and bridge rehabilitation projects in Sri Lanka (Asian Development Bank funded).  The 250 Km project included overlays and widening of existing carriageways with asphalt concrete and DBST.  FIDIC (Red Book 4th Edition) contracts were awarded to local and International contractors. I carried out risk assessments and took appropriate action to avoid future disputes.

Oct 01 – Dec 01, Ireland Aid; Ethiopia (Consultant)

Prepared a strategy for Ireland Aid for their five year Ethiopian road sector development programme. Advice given on sustainability and appropriate forms of labour based methods on their construction and maintenance rural roads programme. Recommended an appropriate road maintenance funding strategy which complies with the legislative requirements of Ethiopia.

Jul 01 – Oct 03, Roughton International; Nigeria (Dispute Review Expert) - (intermittent)

I was appointed as Dispute Review Expert on the 128 km, World Bank funded, Kaura Namoda-Shinkafi-Sabon Birni road rehabilitation project (10 contracts) for the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing. There were several disputes requiring recommendations each of which resulted in settlement and satisfactory completion of contracts.


Apr 98 – Jul 01, EC Individual Expert; Ethiopia (Technical Assistant)

Providing advice to the Ethiopian Government on the institutional capacity building and institutional reform, including transitional arrangements, of eight newly created autonomous Regional Road Authorities (RRA). This project was funded by the European Commission (EC).

Jan 94 – Apr 98, Roughton International; Ethiopia (Project Manager)

Responsible for the supervision of 5 No. design and construct road and bridge construction contracts in Ethiopia (total net value US$75 million).  Funded by USAID the project provided 675 km of new access road into remote, mountainous and drought-affected areas in northern Ethiopia.  The roads were gravel all-weather access roads and the bridges were constructed of reinforced concrete.

Nov 92 – Dec 93, Renardet SA; Philippines (Project Manager)

“Engineer for the Works” (FIDIC Contracts) responsible for seven teams supervising the construction of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded Fifth Road Improvement Project.  The projects comprised the widening and upgrading, from gravel to bitumen or earth to gravel, of seven sections of rural road totalling 300 km.  Net value for the works was US$ 65 million.

Sep 91 – Mar 92, Brown and Root Fabrications Co; UK (Senior Civil Engineer)

Responsible for site supervision for civil sub-contracts required for the construction of offshore oil platforms.  Work included the design, procurement and supervision of works contracts for the construction of reinforced concrete foundations (loads exceeding 400kN), concrete slipways, retaining walls, crane tracks and miscellaneous gravel roads.

May 89 – Sept 91, Independent Engineer; UK (Various Locations)

Positions held include Resident and design Engineer

May 86 – May 89, Department of Works; Papua New Guinea (Technical Assistant)

Responsible for all aspects of work of the Roads Section at HQ in the position of Executive Engineer.  Design projects consisted of 14 major national highway projects funded by various funding agenciess.

Aug 72 – May 86, Highland Regional Council; Inverness, UK (Senior Design Engineer), (Resident Engineer), (Graduate/Design Engineer)

Responsible for a team designing and supervising trunk road schemes on an agency basis to the Scottish Development Department.  Held overall responsibility and reported to the Assistant Director.  Duties included surveying, detailed and preliminary design of highways, traffic management, bridges, retaining walls, junctions, earthworks, coastal defence works, contract documentation, soil and rock mechanics, liaison with site staff etc.

Sept 66 – Aug 72North Lonsdale Regional District Council, UK (Trainee/Engineer)

Undertook formal indentured training. Design and construction experience of general municipal schemes.