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With over 40 years of broad civil engineering experience working in UK, Eastern Europe, Africa, Caribbean and the Far East I have:

  • worked in many key positions including; Adjudicator, Dispute Review Expert, Conciliator, Mediator, Technical Auditor, Engineer, Engineer’s Representative, Dispute Advisor, Claims Advisor;
  • wide-ranging experience in construction design, contract administration and supervision;
  • specialised in procurement, contract administration and supervision of major infrastructure works, particularly projects supported by international financing institutions;
  • recognized competence to coordinate and manage multi-disciplinary multi-cultural teams on diverse infrastructure projects;
  • extensive experience of FIDIC, MDB, EC and other international and domestic forms of contract, working variously for government agencies, funding agencies, and contractors;
  • proven ability in providing assessment and analysis of contractual claims, negotiations, determinations and the settlement of disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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